Scholarship Information

The RTDNF was established by the RTDNA in 1978 to offer financial assistance to students in Canada.

This year, six scholarships will be awarded to Canadian students, bringing the total amount awarded to students by RTDNF to more than $343,500.

The Scholarships


RTDNF Scholarship - $2,000 

Who: 2nd, 3rd year and graduating students


JJ Richard Scholarship - $2,000

Who: 3rd year and graduating students


CBC / Barbara Frum Scholarship - $2,000

Who: Students from all years


BNN Bloomberg / Jim O'Connell Scholarship - $2,000 

Who: Students pursuing a career in business journalism


Broadcasters of Atlantic Canada Scholarship - $2,000 

Who: Students from Atlantic Canada from all years

RTDNA George Clark Scholarship - $2,500 

Who: Winners of the above categories will automatically be entered into this category



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